Hello, I’m Pedro!
I'm a human
Hello, I'm Pedro.
I’m a digital designer and a front-end enthusiast based in Lisbon, Portugal, whose passion is to merge technology and design to create better digital experiences.


I started coding in high school while attending a course in Computer Systems Management and Programming but it was only in college that I really got into it. After I’ve studied Design in college, (IADE) I decided to merge both my passions, design and coding, by attending a 1 year program of WebDesign (Responsive Web) at another school (ETIC).


I started my professional path as an IT Support Technician at Leroy Merlin, which gave me the tools to proceed my career at all of the other places i’ve been a part of ever since, such as, Clínica do site - my first step as a designer and Plug-it - where I did most of my development as a professional designer. I also did some of my projects as a freelance designer/developer.