Nathalie Marques

a place for self improvement and mental health care.
Nathalie Marques
Project Type
Website Design (UX/UI)
Project Year
2021 - 2022

Nathalie Marques is a psychologist in Portugal, Lisbon who mostly works with children and teens.

The client wanted to show that she was grown as a professional and as a brand, so the idea was to create a visual identity that would bring her services to life.

Nathalie wanted a simple website to showcase her experience, services and location to the parents that search for her name on the web since she already has a online presence using social networks like instagram, facebook and linkedin.

The brand

The typography used in the logo is ‘Niveau Grotesk Bold’, a fun and quirky font that allowed the brand to communicate a childish mood while still keeping a professional look.

More details were added to emphasize the childish look, since the pacients were mostly children.

The main color used is purple which is a color that is very associated to psychology. All of the colors are vibrant so they can transmit the bright and fun energy of Nathalie.

The challenge

I analyzed the local competition and studied some references for the structure and design. In the UX phase, me and Nathalie worked very closely and it was very benefictial for the project and even fun at some point.

I defined a target, made a couple of personas, built a user journey, site map and even developed a content strategy with some keywords for SEO, only then I started the design process of building wireframes.

Using the wireframes as a starting point, designing the user interface was simple since I had already developed a visual identity for the brand.

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